Chairperson: Sarah Syer (519-630-2168)

Baking – Judy Krall (519-882-1055), Mary Campbell, Marion Henderson, Bonnie Elliott

Fair Ambassador – Judy Krall (519-882-1055), Zerlinda Richards

Fine Arts and Adult Open Hobby – Donna McAuslan (519-882-3092), Bev Woolaver, Elsie Hyatt

4-H Displays – Judy Krall (519-882-1055), Sarah Syer

Golden Age – Elaine Dobbin (519-844-2508), Bev Bain

Homecraft – Barb Racher, Diane Melton, Lillian Maw

Kitchen – Elaine Dobbin (519-844-2508), Barb Racher (519-882-1328), Bev Bain, Fairboard Ladies

Photography – Zerlinda Richards (519-918-8583), Joanne Osborne, Deb Reddick

Scrapbooking – Zerlinda Richards, Debbie Redick

School Crafts – Sarah Syer, Donna McAuslan

Elementary Ambassadors – Carrie Bulgin (519-882-4829), Gail Williams, Nicole Kennedy

Culinary Arts – Janice Gould (226-738-0766), Carol Russell, Joan Williams


Exhibits not to be removed before gates are down and out of the way for safety reasons. Exhibits to be picked up at 4:15pm, no earlier.

Rules and Regulations

  1. No person shall enter more than one item in any one section. All articles to be the exhibitor’s own work, and entered in exhibitor’s name only. All articles must be new, handmade and have not been previously exhibited at our Fair.
  2. Titles, namely Bake Queen, Homemaking Queen, Golden King or Queen, and all elementary ambassadors, can only be given to one person for two consecutive years. In the event that any title should be won for the third year by any one person, the title would then go to the second place entrant. No person can hold more than one title.
  3. All persons on the grounds will be subject to the rules of the Managing
    Committee. Exhibitors interfering with the judges will forfeit their prizes.
  4. The Directors of the Association agree to take every reasonable precaution to ensure the safety of articles sent to the exhibition. It must be distinctly understood that the owners are to assume all risks, and should any articles be accidentally damaged, lost or stolen, Directors will render all assistance in their power for the recovery of same, but they will not recognize any claim for payment of the value or any portion thereof.
  5. Judges have full power to classify all articles that are being exhibited.
  6. Group entries allowed ONLY in Class 19H, 21E or 21F
  7. Prizes will be paid as soon as possible. Cheques must be cashed before December 31, 2019.
  8. Ten percent of all prize money of ten dollars and over will be retained.
  9. EXHIBITOR NUMBERS AND ENTRY TAGS are available ahead of time by contacting the Secretary, Attn.: Barb Eastman, Petrolia and Enniskillen Ag. Society, Rear 4065 Dufferin Ave., Petrolia, ON, N0N 1R0 or Phone 519-330-8804, peasfallfairoffice@gmail.com
  10. Judging will be done according to the criteria in the newly revised OAAS Rules


For full details on Homecraft please review the Fair Book


Homecraft Entry Forms