Sunday of the Fair

Chairperson: Justen Richards (519-918-8583)

Time of Derby: after 1:00 – before finals in the regular Demolition Derby Ages 3 – 10

Prizes: All children will be awarded with a trophy.

Sponsors will be announced at time of Derby

1. Kids must fit in the vehicles properly. Seat beats must work. Sitting on back of seat is not allowed. Must be big enough to control and not fall out.

2. Must wear a helmet which fits correctly. Long sleeves and long pants must be worn.

3. The show will have a specific time limit.

4. Cars are open to any store bought Power Wheels, Peg Perego etc. Absolutely NO HOME MADE OR MODIFIED CARS ALLOWED.

5. Vehicles can be cars, trucks, tractors or ATV’s as long as they are not modified.

6. 6v or 12v batteries only. Batteries must be fastened down securely. No full size car, golf cart, lawn tractor or motorcycle batteries will be allowed.

7. Doors, hoods, etc. can be wired or zip tied down but are not mandatory.

8. No locking up the rear ends, strengthening the bumpers or beefing up the steering rods. Must be stock.